Why Hudef pallets?

HUDEF is the first manufacturer to research and develop pickleball paddle surface rotation technology.

In 2018, our R&D team successfully developed the HUDEF multi-layer special vinyl surface based on the principle of the rotating surface of a ping pong ball, including its tension, elasticity and the sound principle of hitting the ball.

After continuous development and research, in 2021, we successfully developed a new carbon fiber material and a new surface treatment process that can improve the spinning effect. After three months of market research, our new rackets, which help players fully develop their spins and enjoy the game better, have been well received by all players. 

Because so many people have asked us questions like: " How does the Hudef HD4 spin differently than other pallets?

So it's worth explaining:

The rotation function is designed based on the kinematics and dynamics of objects. The main factors that determine spin function are the player's spinning technique and the texture characteristics of the racquet surface.

HD4 is based on USA Pickleball standards, combined with the experience of Ping pong, Padel Racet, Beach Tennis special surface treatment, Pickleball surface texture value to reach its maximum value, so that it has the effect of a super rotary function.

This is the main difference with other brands.


2020 - We started working on a new material in January, and we didn't finish testing it until October. We found it combined with Ping-Pong and PickleBall to easily help players use their spinning skills. We sent demo paddles to some players to test out and received 100% loving feedback from all players!

Please see the following picture:

I.  Super rotating surface design:

 2. Effect super rotary surface:

Development of HUDEF production pallet technology:

 In 1996, Stan Sunil joined a large factory manufacturing all kinds of rackets, Tennis Racket, Table Tennis Racket, Badel Racket and Padel Racket ECT.

2015 - Establishes a technical team to develop Pickleball paddles.

2016 - Collect all kinds of racket materials for continuous testing and improvement.

2017 - Successful development of the special vinyl material HUDEF consisting of several layers of material. This surface material helps players spin the Pickleball Paddle surface is unique and never fades! Please see the following picture.

2018 -- Massive promotion of HUDEF vinyl rackets to make HUDEF technology accessible to more people.

2019 - Singles pro Frank Anthony Davis joins us, winning bronze in the best Pickleball tournament in the world and gold, silver and bronze in many major tournaments.




1.Comparison of surface materials:





2. The ball control effect comparison: