History of HUDEF

HUDEF was the first to research and develop the pallet surface rotation technology. The name HUDEF comes from a strong, courageous and very kind warrior in the East. The original meaning of Hudef is "to break the cocoon into a butterfly". Facing a difficult situation, Hudef was inspired to be strong and courageous in spirit « never give up” from his father. Hudef and his father are determined to focus on making positive changes and contributions to their society through sport and especially Pickleball, although they have faced many hardships in life.

When he was very young, Hudef loved sports and athletics with the dream of contributing as much as possible to a better world through sport. Hudef started his first job in the sports industry and by accident he was asked to develop new products for a new sport, pickleball!

Then Hudef traveled to Seattle, Washington, unaware that this is where the game of pickleball was invented. But from that day on, Hudef knew he would be one with Pickleball. He believed it would be the perfect game to promote the health and well-being of seniors and children. HUDEF became the name of his company which was established in Colorado, USA and quickly became a global brand in the sports industry.


Spread positive energy

Demonstrate our respect for gamers by making the best paddles.


HUDEF's passion for pickleball is very similar to that which animates Mario Laflamme, Jacquelin Labrecque and Auristela Echeverria who did not hesitate to partner with HUDEF in order to distribute the complete line of HUDEF products across Canada. After trying out the different HUDEF paddles, they actually concluded that this cutting-edge technology would bring a huge improvement in feel (control) and ball spin for players, they were convinced very quickly to get on board. adventure and to promote these superior products.