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  • The high quality graphite surface offers durability of the racquet face and can be enjoyed by all pickleball players (adults and children) regardless of their skill level (beginner to advanced).
  • Gravelly surface with good non-slip performance providing excellent ball control.
  • High-strength polypropylene honeycomb composite core provides a comfortable feel and remains quiet when the paddle hits the ball.
  • Cushioned grip - Ribbing and sewn-in perforations increase gripping power and moisture absorption.
  • Double edge protection with unique sewing technology can effectively protect the surface and core of the paddle from court damage when hitting the ball.

This mid-weight racquet offers you more control and moderate power to achieve perfect balance.
The aerospace carbon fiber face with superior strength allows the blade to prevent virtually all bumps, ensuring a long-lasting flat surface. In addition, the carbon fiber provides sufficient sealing and durability. The granular graphite face gives you better ball control, allowing you to get great spin on the ball.
The high-quality honeycomb composite core is lightweight yet strong and anechoic enough to ensure a crisp, clear sound for every shot. The edge guard is low profile which protects your racquet from accidental contact with the ground and reduces the risk of breakage. The most appreciated part is the grip, the grip strip is comfortable even when sweating, allowing you to get supernatural performance on the court.

1. durable graphite face
2. Superior feel and control
3. Excellent ball control
4. Quietest core you can get


Core: polypropylene honeycomb
Face: graphite
Average weight: .5 oz
Handle size: 4-1/4″
Handle length: 4.5″
Width: ."
Length: 0.3″
Effective striking area: 66.4 sq. in.