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  • High quality: the perfect weight of the graphite pickleball paddle (light: an average of 7.9 oz) allows the paddle to achieve a perfect balance between feel, power and control. The incredible pickleball racquet that is excellent for tournament players.
  • Ultra Durable Face and Quietest Core: With a graphite face and a polypropylene Honeycomb Core, which provides good non-slip performance and better ball control and is twice as durable as the other blade. With the polypropylene Honeycomb Core material, it gives you a non-vibrating feel.
  • New Double Buffering Technology: Made with an ultra soft and ultra comfortable grip, the pickleball racquet handle also adds a cushion against fatigue. The sweat absorbing padded grip of the paddle with perforations increases grip power and moisture absorption, helps to enjoy long time. play without fatigue, allows wrist action, rotation, power and fast hand changes without fail, more suitable for professional players.
  • Edge protection: long handle pickleball paddles have edge protection, which offers the best protection on ground strokes, offers the durability of pickleball paddle, can be enjoyed by all pickleball players (men and women) indoor or outdoor.